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Managing Your Capital

We use a proactive investment management system to monitor your accounts and when the risk in the financial marketplace is too high we can take action to mitigate those risks on your behalf, in an effort to properly manage your money. After all, our goal is not only to invest for your financial objectives, but also help manage downside risk. For our clients this means confidence in your investments.

Promoting Investor Transparency

Nichols Wealth Partners provides transparency to our clients. You will benefit from complete access to our industry leading information through:

Investment Management Strategies: You will have complete access to every portfolio investment strategy, all investment holdings and every investment and trade decision.
Daily Investment Conference Calls: You will have the opportunity to participate in morning discussions with the Nichols Wealth Partner’s executive and investment management teams.

Investment Actions: You will have complete access to our comprehensive email trade notifications, detailed research reports of key investment holdings and information on the macro picture of investing themes.