Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Our Wealth Enhancement Group team will create a wealth plan that analyzes your entire financial position by reviewing your income and expenses and create the cash flow that will help you pursue your financial goals. Our consistent financial review process assures that your wealth plan is current and updated.

Our Wealth Enhancement Group is an experienced team that will address the emotional and financial impact of changes in your life and asset transfers.

Changes in Your Life

Life’s changes are a result of affects such as death, divorce, retirement, marriage and of course or the birth of a child. As an example, while you are working you are accumulating your assets and are in investment growth mode. Conversely, when you retire you will ideally switch to a more conservative investment mode, as you will be paying the bills from investment income, pension income or other financial resources.

Changes in Business

Business changes encompass areas like succession planning. Growing your business is extremely important and our belief is the eventual exit is just as important so you can fully realize the value of a lifetime of work. Whether the business is sold to a family member, employee or sold to an institution internally, the owners always want the sale of the business to be simple and stress free, and have the comfort of knowing their company has the ability to continue to excel.

Transfers to Future Generations

Transferring your financial assets involves the assignment of your wealth to heirs in a tax efficient manner. During your lifetime or upon death, your wealth will be transferred and considerations such as leaving a legacy and/or funding a beneficiaries education will be planned.

Your comprehensive wealth plan will be prepared with the appropriate strategies to address these important transitions in life. Our Wealth Enhancement Group of professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in handling all of the aspects of life changes and wealth transfers.


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