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Acting as your personal CFO, we want to see you win. That starts with helping you clarify what you want to get out of life. What you want to give back. And what you can do now to start creating a legacy for your next generation. 

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Why Choose Us?

No one will ever care more about your money than you. But we’re a close second. There are few responsibilities as significant as your financial well-being and we understand our success (and yours) is built on the strength of long-term relationships. Our investment philosophy is to create a comprehensive plan that builds on your success for the long term and isn’t swayed by short-term turbulence or fads.

How Can We Help You?

Our team helps you identify and measure where you are and where you want to be using  key indicators that are vital to your financial health and comfort. We then customize your financial plan specifically for you. Our process encourages the development of relationships that allow us and your other trusted advisors to all work together on your behalf.

We founded Nichols Wealth Partners with a mission and purpose forged by what we saw as an unanswered need in the marketplace: to build long-term relationships by providing exceptional wealth and investment management capabilities and dedicated execution, so you can do the things you are most passionate about. We want to stand beside you as your wealth and investment manager, coach and accountability partner.

First Things First


Completing your Scorecard takes only minutes, but the insights you will gain into your situation may well be profound.

We’re confident this powerful tool will allow us to help you improve your financial mindset, provide clarity about where you are currently and where you want to be in essential indicators, punch holes in areas that are troubling you, and ultimately help provide you and your family the financial peace of mind you want and deserve.

Using the Scorecard requires a level of accountability by all parties. We believe you will instantly understand why this is the first step to building an extraordinary relationship.

Request an Appointment or Second Opinion

Let us connect you with a fiduciary advisor who will provide you with advice on a sphere of investments built around your short-and long-term goals. Our complimentary consultation or second-opinion review can help you achieve the peace of mind that comes with meticulous financial planning.